Tuesday, August 5, 2008

He's a killer . . .

So far, with mouse traps, I've killed three of the little guys here at the office. War was declared when one of them ate a hole in a cup of water that I'd left on my desk. It made quite a mess. I've been content to set out traps as I leave in the evening and with great satisfaction throwing away the dead mice the next morning. Well today it got much more personal. Mr. Mouse ran across the hall and into a closet. The bottom of the closet was filled with boxes. Jeff started removing the boxes while I stood guard. When the last of the boxes was about to be removed, Mr. Mouse came charging out. His critical mistake was that he ran straight at me, so I stomped the little bugger to death. Four down, more to go. Edouard didn't provide much excitement, but Mr. Mouse did.

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