Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool Chipotle

A funny thing happened on the way to a "good" deed . . . maybe.

Here in Texas, they have a "tax free" weekend just before school. It's meant to help out with the purchases for back to school supplies, uniforms, etc. Well, Chipotle (my most favorite fast food restaurant EVER, which my wife hates) is having a tie-in promotion for the tax free weekend. If you eat there today or tomorrow and bring the receipt back during tax free weekend, they will give you a free meal. That gave me the idea that I'd eat there for lunch today and tomorrow and use the receipts to take a couple of the areas homeless to lunch this weekend.

Like I said, I love Chipotle and I eat there all the time. Whenever I eat there, I try to order and talk to the workers in Spanish. I always give them a big smile, tell them "Tenga buen dia.", "Muchas gracia.", etc. Today, the workers had on a sticker that said "Building a better world one burrito at a time." It's the first time I've seen them wearing the stickers. When I get to the check out, one of the workers that handled my order, came to the checkout, pulled the sticker off of her shirt, and put it on my order. The cashier then said that my order was free! It blew my socks off. I'd come here to get a receipt for the weekend, and my weekend came early. But, will this receipt work for a free meal this weekend?

I guess I'll have to follow through with this "good" deed and take a couple of the homeless here in Sharpstown to Chipotle this weekend. It's God ordained.

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