Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1 Million New Trees

There was an article in the Houston Chronicle this morning about plans to plant one million new trees in and around Houston, see Trees For Houston. When we came back to Houston, one of the things I notice was there were lots of new trees, especially along the freeways and at the interchanges. It was a really nice surprise. I'm so glad we are doing even more. It will make Houston an even better place to live.

Galveston oh Galveston

Brenda and I went to Galveston last Saturday. We wanted to see what has happened to her. Galveston is one of our favorite places to go. She was beat up pretty bad. Here's some pictures. Click on the pictures to get the "big" view.

81st Street Pier

Our favorite fishing pier, 81st Street Pier. Rumor has it a couple of guys were in the second floor during the storm. The pier was destroyed and the first floor washed away. There is also a pickup truck laying on the pier. If you notice, there is no beach along this part of the sea wall.

Galveston State Park

This is Galveston State Park. It was our favorite beach to go to. All of the structures you see in the pictures used to be in a grassy area behind the dunes. Now they are buried on the beach. We will miss Galveston State Park.

One of the picnic shelters. Totally destroyed and buried.

The restroom and shower building.

This was the main administrative building.

But . . . the beach looked really, really nice.