Monday, July 21, 2008

Skipped church - is that a sin?

I got a call Sunday morning from the Greater Houston Red Cross. They were looking for help to follow up with a couple of fires. You see, earlier this year I volunteered to be on the Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT). I've been attending the monthly meetings since the beginning of 2008. Last weekend I spent in Red Cross training classes, four hours Thursday, eight hours Friday, and eight hours Saturday for a total of four courses. Well, Sunday I got to practice what I learned.

The first call was a single apartment fire. The ladies name was Latanisha. She was a single mom. The vacant apartment above her caught fire. Her's was pretty much destroyed because of water damage. She still can't get in to get any of her stuff and the longer it stays wet, the less likely it can be salvaged. She's left with nothing. She had the a sweet little nine month old boy. She's lucky in that she's able to stay at her mother's until she can find a place.

The second place was a small wood frame house that was burned. The back half of the house was burned to the ground. An older, single guy, Paul, was living there. It was his parents house, but they are no longer alive. All Paul had left was the clothes on his back. He's staying with his sister. There was insurance on the house, so he may be ok.

We weren't able to do much. We gave Latanisha and Paul some money. It was enough buy some cloths, a little bit of food, and a few other things. They were both very thankful. I felt glad to be able to help, but man, it was so little.

I think it's good to worship God in service to others. Helping Latanisha and Paul was my Sunday Service.

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