Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gone fishing

Turns out that my brother-of-another-mother's, (aka: brother-in-law, aka: uncle Max) wife, Rachel, is also out of town, so . . . Max and I "went a fish'n."

We went out on the Cavalier, which is a 30 foot catamaran. It took us out to the end of Galveston's east jetty. We caught some fish, but nothing worth keeping. It was mostly small hard heads and baby sharks that were caught. I did catch two whitings that were good enough to keep, but I didn't keep them.

The water was a little rough and several people on the boat got sea sick. I've been there and done that, but this time I had the "patch" and it worked great. No sea sickness for me. Yippee. Next time, I want to go out on one of the 12 hour trips. Maybe then I'll catch something worth "keep'n and eat'n".

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