Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharpstown Sunday Service at Six to Seven

Well, I couldn't take it any more. At six o'clock this morning, I walked to Fondren and Moonmist and cleaned up the Fondren left turn lane. I'm jealous of those neighborhoods that have beautiful medians and clean streets. We don't have either. So, this morning I tried to help change that.

I took a broom, shovel, and a five gallon pail to cleanup the trash that accumulates in the left turn lane of Fondren. There are lots of left turn lanes and all of them are trashy, but I figured I could at least clean up one of them. Who knows maybe others will join.

The job wasn't hard, but man did I underestimate the amount of trash!!! I had to go back home to get a full size trash can and bags. I filled up three large trash bags. But, now at least the left turn lane at Fondren and Moonmist is no longer strewn with trash.

It felt good. I hope others will join in and soon we will have a beautiful street.

PS: My wonderful wife is trying to help inspire people to help. She created a handbill to encourage our neighbors to help. This evening she distributed it to 49 homes in the neighborhood. Maybe something will come of this.

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