Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creating a goal

Back in October of 2007, my good friend Tom and I headed off to Guatemala to "help" drill a water well. It was a great experience. Here's a few photos. A couple of "action" photos and a group photo.

Me and the local crew. These guys were learning to drill wells so they could help themselves.

Here I'm getting "baptized" in water from the new well.

This is the local crew removing the drill stem. That's a messy job. Drilling mud gets all over you.

I've always liked the Living Water organization and believe greatly in their work. So, I've decided to "kill two birds with one stone". The first bird is to help raise awareness and support for Living Water, the second bird, is to provide motivation to continue with my early morning runs. That means . . . I've joined up with Team Living Water International to run in the January 2010 Houston Half Marathon. Yep, I'm going half way. Soon I'll be hitting you up for some doe. Lots and lots of doe and we ain't baking cakes. Blessings, Byron

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