Friday, April 10, 2009

MS150 (update)

I've been going on long bike rides these past two weekends to get ready for the MS150 next week end. Last week I went out to Bellville and rode 30 miles. Today I went to Bellville and road 40 miles. I go to Bellville, because it's hilly and hilly is the best training. My legs are beat. I'm not ready, but I'll do it anyway, unless it's raining. Nothing like pain for a good cause.

Mom called, she wanted to give to the MS150, but I didn't explain how to give, so she couldn't. See my previous post. So, if you want to give to the MS Society (tax deduction!) Please click on the link below.

CLICK HERE, or HERE and you will be taken to the MS Society's web site where you can make a secure credit card contribution. Or you can click on their logo below.

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