Friday, September 12, 2008

The gathering storm and gathering family.

We've spent all day getting ready for Ike, yuck. The family has gathered, except my mother. It is me (Byron), my wife (Brenda), mother in-law (Ani), father in-law (Al), brother of another mother (Max), and sister of another mother (Rachael). We've "hunkered" down. Lots of chips and dips as we await the unwelcome visitor. So far, it looks really bad for the low lying areas.

The most distressing news is the 520' boat, without power, floundering in the storm. Coast Guard can't help. Twenty-two souls on board. Pray for their safety.

We have lots of DVD's, if only the power holds.

The sky is dark and the winds are starting to pickup. So far no rain.

We are grateful to be together.

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